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Welcome to the Church on the Hill

This Week's Sermon

April 9, 2023

Easter People
Matthew 28: 1-10

Easter People

Bob Ruth
00:00 / 08:40
Our Identity


Our church began in 1840, and for 105 years we were the only church in our immediate community.  We became known as “the church on the hill,” and because of this, our community was named Church Hill.   We seek to maintain this close connection between our congregation and our community.
Being known as “the church on the hill,” we identify with “the city on a hill” from Matthew 5:14-16 as we seek to let our light shine for Jesus and live out His mission for us.

Our Mission


To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world through:

  • Worshiping God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

  • Nurturing in the Christian faith, and

  • Reaching out with the love of Christ.

Worship Services


11:00 AM on Sundays

Sunday Morning Worship Pre-Registration

Sunday School classes provided at 10 AM in service hall and Worship Service provided at 11 AM, attendees must practice social distancing and please wear your masks. 

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